West Wing Residences at Eton City


West Wing Residences at Eton City

LTS No. 25569

Dreams are meant to be lived and renewed every day—and you can do this at West Wing Residences. Here, memories are delicately crafted and lovingly forged against the idyllic rhythm of an emerging community in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Roam the expansive wide outdoor spaces with your children while witnessing their first triumphant bike rides as their feet glide through the wind. As in a dream, there is space for everybody and everything you will need—be it a quiet retreat in the landscaped gardens, a scrumptious afternoon in the barbecue areas, a delightful stroll in the future commercial district of Eton City, or the comfort of a neat and elegantly designed home.


Eton City boasts of a self-sufficiency not every township can offer. Within, it is home to leisure complexes, landscaped greeneries, commercial and business complexes, populated by diverse residential communities. Without, it is nested in the rapidly developing expanse of Sta. Rosa, Laguna, appreciating in value as it attracts the attention of visitors, residents, and investors alike. Five minutes away from the gateway that brings Eton City directly to the Eton City exit, it lies close to a major thoroughfare that makes mobility as breezy as the area’s open fields.


Keeping distance from the din of the metro even while staying close enough to be accessible, West Wing Residences is comfortably ensconced in cozy Eton City, where it is one of the jewels in this crown of a flagship project. Never straying far from world-class services and facilities—whether medical or educational, for business or for pleasure—it is located strategically where resources are never lacking and comfort is in abundance. At West Wing Residences, you get to live and renew your dreams every day.



  • Landscaped gardens
  • Children’s playground
  • Jogging path
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball court
  • Swimming pool
  • Kiddie pool
  • Open field for outdoor activities like football, baseball, picnic , kite-flying and other leisure activities)


Eisenhower Home

Ground Floor

Living Room – 9.75 sqm
Dining Area – 6.77 sqm
Kitchen – 4.39 sqm
T&B 1 – 3.59 sqm
Maid’s Room – 3.25 sqm
Staircase – 3.69 sqm
Bedroom 1 – 8.55 sqm
Hallway – 2.25 sqm
Ground Floor Total Area – 42.24 sqm
Jefferson Home

Ground Floor

Living Room – 7.13 sqm
Dining Area – 4.20 sqm
Kitchen – 4.06 sqm
T&B – 2.01 sqm
Maid’s Room – 3.70 sqm
Staircase – 3.40 sqm
Ground Floor Total Area – 24.50 sqm
Mckinley Home

Ground Floor

Living Room – 5.16 sqm
Dining Area – 6.02 sqm
Kitchen – 7.56 sqm
T&B – 3.18 sqm
Maid’s Room – 4.10 sqm
Staircase – 4.35 sqm
Bedroom 1 – 6.09 sqm
Ground Floor Total Area – 36.46 sqm
Roosevelt Home

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